Lets be honest. Movies rock. You love them, we love them, and that is why you came across this webpage. Chances are that if you are like us, you’ll watch anything. At home you watch independent films, foreign films, and guilty pleasure films. You meet up with friends to go see a big blockbuster at the multiplex. You patronize small theaters to check out the latest mid-budget movies and documentaries. You spend hours upon hours watching short films online on your phone, laptop, or tablet. In the end though you are about discovering exciting new stories, enjoying old stories presented in an interesting way, or just being entertained.

This is what Something Wild Film Festival is about. Founded in the spring of 2016, this is a group of film fanatics that want to showcase it all. We love it all, and for one long weekend we want to bring unique stories to the Southwestern region of the U.S.

Come by our webpage periodically to find updates on the status of this festival, news about upcoming events in Southwestern Colorado as it relates to film, articles on films, plus reviews and rants on movies we are watching.