Something Wild 2017


Friday, Nov. 10 (6:00PM.)  97min. USA

Comedy/Buddy Movie/Vacation dir. Pavan Moondi

Filming a wedding is a thankless job, so when Alex gets the chance to shoot a destination wedding in Mexico with his own photographer, he doesn’t hesitate to bring his non-photographer best friend Justin. They use this opportunity to escape their mundane lives and for one weekend live for moment. Starring Phil Hanley (of Comedy Central’s The Half Hour) and Luke Lalonde (of the band Born Ruffians.) this buddy comedy is fleshed out with a supporting cast Tim Heidecker (of Tim and Eric), Leah Fay Goldstein and Nick Thorton (whose also composed the score). The film does an amazing job of subtle subverting the buddy comedy with a pacing that careful avoids clichés of the vacation film. A film based heavily on improvising, Hanley does incredible job of knowing where to take the lead character along with the rest of cast into this territory of forgotten weekend territory.

All films show at the DS9, 900 Trans Lux Dr, Durango, CO.  Get Your Tickets HERE or Maria’s Bookshop on Main Ave.  Tickets for individual screenings will be available at the door.

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