Something Wild 2017


Saturday, Nov. 11 (9:00PM)  62min.  USA


Experimental/Comedy/Surreal dir. Brian D. Evans

Years after war dissolved the previous order, civilization has gathered in a dingy city on the shores of the Great Lakes outside Michigan.  It is a virtual hologram of the past, sponsored by corporations: people carry shopping bags through the streets while the walls echo with the metallic sounds of informational dispatches.  Guy, a creator of experimental “video transgressions”, navigates the long commercial that is living in Beach City, 3079.  We follow Guy as he skirts the edge of starting to get a project made and moves boxes back and forth from one table to another in his job at Kafkacorp.  Mayor Jonny Glimmer reigns as Beach City’s only candidate and pop culture, at least, rattles on amidst the stale environment outside.  Even in his state of inertia, Guy has plenty to mull over with his shady and eccentric associates.  For a long time we do not see any of his ‘transgressions’.  When we do, it gets stranger.  Brian D. Evans’s piece is highly glitchy in effects and crude in production elements, but perhaps there is some deeper pattern at work beneath the scrambled madness. Brilliant scenes of Keatonesque, deadpan comedy, or outlandish scenarios stretched to absurd dimensions, make the film worth seeing in their own right.  Adults Only.

All films show at the DS9, 900 Trans Lux Dr, Durango, CO.  Get Your Tickets HERE or Maria’s Bookshop on Main Ave.


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