Something Wild 2017


Sunday, Nov. 12  80min.  (11:00AM)

The Sparrow Flight


CENTRALIA  Dir. Shane Scott and Adam Diller, USA, 2016.  24 min.  Live action, post-apocalypse
“A man lives in an abandoned coal-mining town in the aftermath an apocalypse, where he studies his environment, writing and exploring in order to keep his mind sharp in the absence of human contact.”
IN THE ROUGH  Dir. Cappello Vincent, France, 2015.  18min.  Live action, friendship
Swann and Malik were friends forever. They have only their joyous rage to conquer Paris. But Malik wants to take a shortcut. A bad skeem. Swan, aspires to a more harmonious life. Will he be dragged down by friendship?
NEGATIVE SPACE  Dir. Max Porter, Ru Kuwahata, USA, 2017.  5min.  Animation, family, poetry
A son reflects on how his father taught him to pack a suitcase.
DISCONTINUITY  Dir. Lorir Felker, USA, 2016.  16min.  Live action, relationship, noise
Highlights the irregular spaces and unexpected fissures that can pop up between us, and all of the things that can fall in and get lost.
THE SPARROW FLIGHT  Dir. Tom Schroeder, USA, 2017.  17min.  Mixed media, experimental, documentary
An homage to his dear friend and collaborator Dave Herr.
All films show at the DS9, 900 Trans Lux Dr, Durango, CO.  Get Your Tickets HERE or Maria’s Bookshop on Main Ave.  Tickets for individual screenings will be available at the door.
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