Something Wild 2017


Saturday, Nov. 11 (1:30PM)  72min.  USA

Comedy/Witty/Sci-Fi dir. Robert Byington

Set in the underdetermined near future, the recently founded company Infinity Baby, run by Neo (Nick Offerman), is able to offer a service for aspiring parents who never want to leave the baby bubble – infants that do not age. Ben (Kieran Culkin), looking for his soulmate but never satisfied, and his competent pals Larry (Kevin Corrigan) and Malcolm (Martin Starr), are hired to market and deliver these infinite babies to those keen on wanting to nurture the child forever. This witty comedy from veteran indie favorite director Robert Byington (7 Chinese Brothers, Somebody Up There Likes Me) also includes an amazing performances from Megan Mullally (Will & Grace), Noel Wells (Saturday Night Live) and subtle hip score from Aesop Rock. This beautifully shot film is ingenious in its’ use of an overall metaphor for the human condition and ability to connect a group of complex characters together into one entertaining story.

All films show at the DS9, 900 Trans Lux Dr, Durango, CO.  Get Your Tickets HERE or Maria’s Bookshop on Main Ave.  Tickets for individual screenings will be available at the door.

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