Last week, Something Wild had its’ first screening and we would like to thank you for coming out. For those that attended, it is easily agreeable that the film was both disturbing and entertaining. For those who didn’t attend, you really missed a unique film that’s likelihood of playing in Durango and the four corners region of the U.S. is highly unlikely.

As we witness, Roar is a time capsule of a period when Hollywood producers, directors, actors, did whatever they wanted without considering the consequences. From the beginning of the film when credits are given to lions, jaguars, and other large feline over the D.P. or supporting cast and crew, we know we are in for a reckless abandonment of all concerns for human safety and complex story. As the film progresses, every second a feline appears on screen, we are left in high anxiety wondering is this the moment when someone loses a leg, face is severally torn apart, or is the large cat just going to walk away. By the end of the film nothing is truly resolved, no one learns anything, and we are left with an odd long drawn out cheap 70s style acoustic guitar song that blatantly tells how wonderful felines are even though we just watched multiple actors get severely injured from them.

We at Something Wild, are glad that you were able to experience this film. If you have any suggestion on what you would like us to bring as one time screening feel free to drop us a line at somethingwildfilmfestival@gmail.com. We are always open to suggestion.


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